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[AT-122-5532UI] DB-5MS Ultra Inert 30m, 0.25mm, 0.25um, JW


[AT-122-5532UI] DB-5MS Ultra Inert 30m, 0.25mm, 0.25um, JW

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Mô tả hàng hóa Đơn vị SL Mã SP

Hollow-Cathode Lamp for Mercury (Hg), Part# ACL-0080 Unit(s) 1 ACL-0080

Hollow-Cathode Lamp for Tin (Sn), Part# ACL-0050 Unit(s) 1 ACL-0050

Hollow-Cathode Lamp for Iron (Fe), Part# ACL-0026 Unit(s) 1 ACL-0026

Hollow-Cathode Lamp for Manganese (Mn), Part# ACL-0025 Unit(s) 1 ACL-0025

Hollow-Cathode Lamp for Zinc (Zn), Part# ACL-0030 Unit(s) 1 ACL-0030

Hollow-Cathode Lamp for Antimony (Sb), Part# ACL-0051 Unit(s) 1 ACL-0051

Hollow-Cathode Lamp for Barium (Ba), Part# ACL-0056 Unit(s) 1 ACL-0056

Hollow-Cathode Lamp for Beryllium (Be), Part# ACL-0004 Unit(s) 1 ACL-0004

Hollow-Cathode Lamp for Chromium (Cr), Part# ACL-0024 Unit(s) 1 ACL-0024

Hollow-Cathode Lamp for Copper (Cu), Part# ACL-0029 Unit(s) 1 ACL-0029

Hollow-Cathode Lamp for Nickel (Ni), Part# ACL-0028 Unit(s) 1 ACL-0028

Hollow-Cathode Lamp for Selenium (Se), Part# ACL-0034 Unit(s) 1 ACL-0034

Hollow-Cathode Lamp for Silver (Ag), Part# ACL-0047 Unit(s) 1 ACL-0047

Hollow-Cathode Lamp for Thallium (Tl), Part# ACL-0081 Unit(s) 1 ACL-0081

Hollow-Cathode Lamp for Vanadium (V), Part# ACL-0023 Unit(s) 1 ACL-0023

Hollow-Cathode Lamp for Molybdenum (Mo), Part# ACL-0042 Unit(s) 1 ACL-0042

Hollow-Cathode Lamp for Potassium (K), Part# ACL-0019 Unit(s) 1 ACL-0019

Hollow-Cathode Lamp for Sodium (Na), Part# ACL-0011 Unit(s) 1 ACL-0011

Hollow-Cathode Lamp for Aluminum (Al), Part# ACL-0013 Unit(s) 1 ACL-0013

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Aminex HPX-87H Column, Pkg of 1, 300 x 7.8 mm, prepacked HPLC carbohydrate analysis Unit(s)1BIORAD-1250140
ChraSil D100 ODS-3, 150 x 4.6 mm, 5.0 umUnit(s)1C0710-D5032
250x4,6mm 3um Hypersil Silica ColumnUnit(s)1THERMO-30003-254630
Hamilton HC-75 100A (Pb2+) 9um, 7.8 x 100mm, ea.Unit(s)1HA-79240
Waters, VanGuard Cartridge Holder, 1/pkgUnit(s)1WATERS-186007949
XTerra MS C18 VanGuard Cartridge, 125A, 3,5 um, 3,9 mm X 5 mm, 3/pkgUnit(s)1W-186007894
XTerra MS C8 VanGuard Cartridge, 125A, 5 um, 3,9 mm X 5 mm, 3/pkgUnit(s)1W-186007911


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