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Shimadzu, Tube used to connect the drain bottle to the drain tube, AA-7000

Mô tả hàng hóaĐơn vịMã SP
Shimadzu, BURNER HEAD ASSY/AA-6800Unit(s)SI-206-50762-91
Shimadzu, MIXERUnit(s)SI-206-50486
Shimadzu, 4-WAY COCK ASSY/MVU-1AUnit(s)SI-204-23470
Shimadzu, CHAMBER ASSYUnit(s)SI-206-50363-91
Shimadzu, LAMP,L233 ASUnit(s)SI-200-38422-42
Shimadzu, LAMP, HOLLOW CATHODE CAUnit(s)SI-200-38422-05
Shimadzu, LAMP,L233 PBUnit(s)SI-200-38422-21
Shimadzu, HOLLOW CATHODE LAMP,CU/AAUnit(s)SI-200-38422-08
Shimadzu, HOLLOW CATHODE LAMP,MN/AAUnit(s)SI-200-38422-13
Shimadzu, LAMP,L233 SEUnit(s)SI-200-38422-46
Shimadzu, LAMP, HOLLOW CATHODE HGUnit(s)SI-200-38422-28
Shimadzu, LAMP, L6380Unit(s)SI-062-65055-05
Shimadzu, DRAIN BOTTLEUnit(s)SI-206-63698
Shimadzu, JOINT ADDITIONAL WORKUnit(s)SI-206-52213-91
Shimadzu, PE TUBE, 8X1Unit(s)SI-016-43201-02
Shimadzu, ELBOW, 31020600Unit(s)SI-035-65268-02
Shimadzu, LONG ABSORPTION CELL/MVU-1Unit(s)SI-201-98687
Shimadzu, GLASS PIPE/MVU-1AUnit(s)SI-204-21988-02
Shimadzu, GLASS PIPE/MVU-1AUnit(s)SI-204-21988-03
Shimadzu, GRAPHITE CAP/GFA-EX7Unit(s)SI-206-50602
Shimadzu, GRAPHITE HOLDER/GFA-EX7Unit(s)SI-206-50603
Shimadzu, GRAPHITE TUBE, NORMAL/GFA-EX7, 1pkUnit(s)SI-206-50587
Shimadzu, GRAPHITE TUBE, PYROLYTICUnit(s)SI-206-50588
Shimadzu, HALF UNION ADDITIONAL WORKUnit(s)SI-206-81812
Shimadzu, HALF UNION,HZ10-02-P, Drain ASSY (AA-7000)Unit(s)SI-035-65014-14
Shimadzu, HOSE, 8X2B-GUnit(s)SI-016-02101-01
Shimadzu, HOSE, 8X2B-BKUnit(s)SI-016-02101-04
Shimadzu, HOSE, RUBBER 8X2B-RUnit(s)SI-016-02101-03
Shimadzu, LEVEL SW ASSYUnit(s)SI-206-50735-91
Shimadzu, NIPPLEUnit(s)SI-206-50857-01
Shimadzu, NUTUnit(s)SI-206-50856-01
Shimadzu, TIP, I-513YUnit(s)SI-046-00308-02
Shimadzu, PLUGUnit(s)SI-206-50123
Shimadzu, CASSETTE HEAD, SR10/30-N2.5Unit(s)SI-042-00405-11
Shimadzu, RUBBER STOPPER /MVU-1AUnit(s)SI-204-21989
Shimadzu, RUBBER STOPPER /MVU-1AUnit(s)SI-204-21938
Shimadzu, SEAL/GFA-EX7Unit(s)SI-206-50621
Shimadzu, STOP VALVEUnit(s)SI-201-35039-00
Shimadzu, 10CM BURNER HEAD ASSYUnit(s)SI-206-50370-93
Shimadzu, Tube used to connect the drain bottle to the drain tube, AA-7000Unit(s)SI-016-35792-09
Shimadzu, Tube used to connect the drain bottle to the drain tube, AA-7000Unit(s)SI-016-35792-09
Shimadzu, U-SHAPE TUBE /MVU-1AUnit(s)SI-200-34853
Shimadzu, 2-WAY VALVE ASSYUnit(s)SI-206-51031-91

Big universal trap, Helium, Agilent; RMSH-2

Dầu máy chân không AVF60SHCE; Agilent; 1000ml

Deoxynivalenol kit; Romer lab; 10002106-96 wells

Fumonisin kit; Romer lab; 10002104- 96 wells

GC Column (HP-88), Agilent; 112-88A7

Gold Plated Inlet Seal ; Agilent; 5188-5367

Ignitor (glow plug) assembly with O-ring; Agilent

Inlet septa, BTO, Agilent; 5183-4757, 50/pk

Liner 4mm ID tapered; Agilent; 5183-4711

Màng trao đổi ion Romer cell membrance; Cobra cell

Ochratoxin kit; Romer lab-10002102-96 wells

Sampling cone -Niken; Agilent; Code: G3280-67040

Skimmer cone -Niken (Use for ICP 7900); Agilent

SPE Aflastar ™ IN 500, IAC Column- 3CC; Romer labs

SPE OcharStar™ (OTR698) column; 10001970

Standard .011-inch FID Jet - Agilent; G1531-80560

Ferrule, o.5mm Graphite 0.32 col, 5080-8853

FID Collector body, G1531-20690

AflaStar R M1 IAC 3ml;RomerLab-10001964

Split vent trap PM kit, Agilent, 5188-6495

Peristaltic Pump Tubing for ICP-MS, Part; Number:G1833-65569; agilent

Peristaltic Pump Tubing for ICP-MS, Part Number:G3280-67047; agilent

Nut, front ferrule, and back ferrule, 1/8 in, GC Agilent, Code: 5080-8750


Peri pump tubes, PVC, purple/black 3710027300

Đèn D2 (Agilent DAD/ 51-AG02) 206821

Đèn Cadimi 5610100800

Cột sắc ký Agilent ZORBAX Eclipse Amino Acid Analysis (AAA) 3.5µm, 4.6 x 150mm 963400-902

PTFE Frit 5pk 01018-22707

Tube lò graphite 6310001200