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[THERMO-869-169100] Ge Crystal Plate for Smart iTX and iD7 ATR


[THERMO-869-169100]  Ge Crystal Plate for Smart iTX and iD7 ATR


869-169100 Đĩa tinh thể Ge
Ge Crystal Plate for Smart iTX and iD7 ATR"


Hamilton PRP-X100 100A 5um, 4.1 x 100mm, ea. Unit(s) 1 HA-79538

Hamilton PRP-X100 100Å Analytical Guard Starter Kit Stainless Steel (incl. 1x Holder & 2x Cartridges), ea. Unit(s) 1 HA-79448


5982-5752 Agilent

5982-5753 Agilent

G3160-65303 Agilent

G3280-67135 Agilent

G1833-65570 Agilent

G1833-65569 Agilent

G3280-67047 Agilent

G3280-67009 Agilent

6040-0798 Agilent

G3292-80010 Agilent

G1833-65576 Agilent

G3280-67016 Agilent

G3280-67026 Agilent

G3280-67079 Agilent

G3280-67092 Agilent

G8400-67028 Agilent

3301538 Peak

2140-0820 Agilent

01018-22707 Agilent

G4267-81008 Agilent

5063-6591 Agilent

G1313-87305 Agilent


5020-19005 Agilent

5061-3356 Agilent

820999-901 Agilent

228-35443-91 Thermo

228-41024-93 Thermo

228-42325-01 Thermo

228-35871-96 Thermo

228-18872-94 Thermo

228-45408-93 Thermo

228-41310-92 Thermo

228-45402-95 Thermo

228-34216 Thermo


C18 Endcapped,100g Bulk Sorbent, 9P Unit(s) 1 AT-5982-5752

Primary Secondary Amine (PSA), 100g, 9P Unit(s) 1 AT-5982-5753

6mL PP vial for I-AS Trays A + E (200pk), 58 Unit(s) 1 AT-G3160-65303

Argon flow controller, 7700x/s (Pb-Free), 8P Unit(s) 1 AT-G3280-67135

Peri pump tube Ismaprene 3-stop yel/blu, 58 Unit(s) 1 AT-G1833-65570

Peri pump tube Tygon 3-stop wht/wht 15/p, 58 Unit(s) 1 AT-G1833-65569

Peri pump tube Tygon 2-stop blu/org 12/p, 58 Unit(s) 1 AT-G3280-67047

Graphite gasket for Sampling cone (3/pk), 58 Unit(s) 1 AT-G3280-67009

Rough Pump Fluid, 1Gal., Inland 45, 58 Unit(s) 1 AT-6040-0798

Poly-Clear fluid (for G3292A Chiller), AA Unit(s) 1 AT-G3292-80010

OPTICAL FIBER, 8P Unit(s) 1 AT-G1833-65576

Deuterium lamp w. RFID for DAD/MWD, 58 Unit(s) 1 AT-2140-0820

PTFE Frits 5PK, AA Unit(s) 1 AT-01018-22707

Fitting-Fingertight PEEK for 1/16-in, 58 Unit(s) 1 AT-5063-6591

Capillary, 0.17x180mm 1/16 in male/male, AA Unit(s) 1 AT-G1313-87305

Leak Sensor Assembly, 8P Unit(s) 1 AT-5061-3356

High Perf. ZORBAX Guard Fittings Kit, BC Unit(s) 1 AT-820999-901

Shimadzu, VALVE, FCV Unit(s) 1 SI-228-35443-91

Shimadzu, GRINDING COATING NEEDLE, 20A Unit(s) 1 SI-228-41024-93

Shimadzu, NEEDLE SEAL DIRECT Unit(s) 1 SI-228-42325-01

Shimadzu, ASSY, LINE FILTER Unit(s) 1 SI-228-35871-96

Shimadzu, FILTER PACKING HP ASSY Unit(s) 1 SI-228-18872-94

Shimadzu, STATOR ASSY 20A 35MPA Unit(s) 1 SI-228-45408-93

Shimadzu, ROTOR PEEK HV 2010 Unit(s) 1 SI-228-41310-92

Shimadzu, SAMPLE LOOP ASSY 100 Unit(s) 1 SI-228-45402-95

Shimadzu, XE LAMP, 150W Unit(s) 1 SI-228-34216


Hamilton PRP-X100 100A 5um, 4.6 x 150mm (PEEK), ea. Unit(s) 1 HA-79174

Hamilton PRP-X100 100Å Analytical Guard Starter Kit PEEK (incl. 1x Holder & 2x Cartridges), ea. Unit(s) 1 HA-79383


Hamilton PRP-X100 100A 5um, 4.6 x 150mm (PEEK), ea. Unit(s) 1 HA-79174

Hamilton PRP-X100 100Å Analytical Guard Starter Kit PEEK (incl. 1x Holder & 2x Cartridges), ea. Unit(s) 1 HA-79383


No. Description Unit QTY

1 Inlet liner 0-ring, non-stick fluorocarbon, 10PCS /pk 5188-5365 PACK 5

2 Glass wool pesticide-grade, 10gm 5181-3317 BOTTLE 3

3 Inlet septa, bleed and temperature optimized (BTO), non- stick, 11 mm, 50pc/pk 5183-4757 Agilent/USA PIECE 2

4 HP-5MS 30m, 0.25mm, 0.25um 19091S-433 PCS 1

5 MS40 Rotary Vane Pumps LCMS VERSION G1960-80040 Agilent/USA UNIT 1

6 Zorbax Eclipse plus C18,3.0 x150mm, 3Micron.PN.959963-302 PCS 1

7 Syringe 10μl 23/26 ga, GT, FN, Taper Part Number: 5181-3354 Manufacturer/Origin: Agilent/USA PCS 1

8 Filament,high temperature EI for GCMS Part Number: G7005-60061 Agilent/USA PCS 1

9 Ferrule, 0.4mm VG 0.1-0.25 col 10/PK Part Number: 5181-3323 Agilent/USA PCS 2

10 Column nut, universal, 2/PK Part Number: 5181-8830 PCS 2

11 GCMS Tuning standard -PFTBA (Part No: 05971-60571) Agilent/USA BOTTLE 1

12 Capillary, FS, 0.6MM G1960-80060 Agilent/USA PCS 1

13 Eclipse XDB-C18 2.1x150 5u Narrow Bore- 993700-902 Agilent/USA PCS 1

14 Column Nut for MS interface 05988-20066 Singapore/Agilent UNIT 6

15 DB-35MS 30m, 0.25mm, 0.25u 122-3832 Singapore/Agilent UNIT 1

16 Swabs 100/PK 5080-5400 Singapore/Agilent PACK 2

17 Syringe, 25.0 uL, FN, bevel tip 5190-1493 Singapore/Agilent UNIT 1

18 Eclipse XDB-C18 4.6x150 5u Analytical 993967-902 UNIT 1

19 Syringe, 10.0 uL, FN, bevel tip 5190-1483 Singapore/Agilent PACK 2

20 PTFE Frits 5PK 01018-22707 Agilent/USA PIECE 1

21 Diffusion caps for 4ml vials, 12/PK 07673-40180 PIECE 1

22 Tube PEEK 0.18x1524mm, 1.6mm 0890-1763 Agilent/USA PIECE 1

23 DB-624 60m, 0.25mm, 1.40u 122-1364 Agilent/USA PIECE 1

24 ALUMINUM OXIDE POWDER, 100g 393706201 Agilent/USA BOTTLE 1

25 Ferrule, 0.4mm VG cond .25 col lng 10/PK 5062-3508 Agilent/USA PACK 2

26 Liner,splitless,single-taper,glswl,deact 5062-3587 Agilent/USA PIECE 2

27 Ferrule, 0.5mm VG 0.32 col 10/PK 5062-3514 PIECE 2

28 Seal Cap Assembly 5067-4728 Agilent/USA PIECE 1

29 Syringe 10ul T/FN/PTFE tip 23-26s/42/HP 5181-3361 Agilent/USA PIECE 1

30 Lnr,gen purp split/spltls,tpr,glswl,deac 5183-4711 Agilent/USA PIECE 1

31 Lnr,gen purp split/spltls,tpr,GW, 5/PK 5183-4712 Agilent/USA PIECE 1

32 Gold Plated Inlet Seal with Washer 5188-5367 Agilent/USA PIECE 2

33 Deuterium lamp 8-pin w. RFID for DAD 5190-0917 Agilent/USA PIECE 1

34 Syringe, 5.0 uL, RN, 23 g, cone tip 5190-1475 Agilent/USA PIECE 1

35 Eclipse XDB-C8 Anal HPLC Col 4.6 x 150 993967-906 Agilent/USA PIECE 1

36 Repeller insulator G1099-20133 Agilent/USA PIECE 1

37 Low Carry Over Seat 0.12G1367-87012 Agilent/USA PIECE 1

38 Gauge,Micro-Ion w/New Flange G7003-80303 Agilent/USA PIECE 1

39 Liner, Splitless, GW Taper, Deac, 5PK5183-4693 Agilent/USA PIECE 1

40 Inlet septa, bleed and temperature optimized (BTO), non- stick, 11 mm, 50pc/pk 5183-4757 Agilent/USA PIECE 1


1. D2, code: 228-34016-02, 5 cái

2. D2, code: 228-34016, 2 cái

3. D2, code: 228-55626, 2 cái.

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