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XAMS Membrane suppressor, 1125-100


Xenoic® XAMS ion chromatography suppressors

Product Details
Brand: Xenoic®

Efficient and robust chemically regenerated membrane suppressor for ion chromatography of anions. Enables maximum sensitivity and minimum background using eluents containing either hydroxide or carbonate. Easy to use and fits to any brand instrument. Designed for analytical columns 3-5 mm ID and flow rates 0.5-2.0 mL/min. Use with ASUREX regenerator for optimum performance, but is also compatible with sulfuric acid regeneration. Not compatible with organic solvents or post-column pressures exceeding 10 bar and to protect against high pressures it is therefore recommended to install a pressure relief valve upstream of the suppressor.

Can be fitted to all brands of liquid chromatography equipment (HPLC & IC), and is fully compatible with the discontinued SeQuant SAMS Suppressor by Merck Millipore (P/N 1.50609.0001) and CE 4715 Chemical Suppressor from Cecil Instruments.

Product technology explained
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Made in Sweden. Xenoic® is a registered brand name of Diduco AB.